Bryan M. Etter


Growing up with his parents and brother in Southington, Connecticut, family has been a guiding force in Bryan’s life from the very beginning. This core value has only enhanced with each of life’s chapters, and now includes his wife, Jennifer, and twin terrors (I mean perfect angels), Bryce and Jacelyn. They make their home in Bethany, Connecticut.

Bryan deeply prides himself on his effort and ability to protect the people and objectives he cares about. Whether it be his family, staff or clients, or what’s important to them, Bryan is known for the intensity of his commitments to the cause.

In the context of client protection and service, Bryan’s narrowly tailored practice areas of Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning and Probate/Trust Administration lead the charge. He has dedicated his professional life to building a pride-worthy law practice that harnesses his talent and passion in these areas for the benefit of his cherished clients. Specifically, Bryan is convicted in utilizing the power of a properly crafted Trust to create Divorce, Lawsuit and Creditor protections for his clients’ loved ones, and to guide our community members on their quest to leave a true Legacy for their families.

Bryan’s drive to bring peace of mind to his clients through the use of succession planning legal principles flows from a foundational reality—he is his clientele. He’s a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend, a business partner and a business owner. There are many people who depend on him, in differing ways and degrees, and if you asked him he’d tell you without hesitation that he’d have it no other way. Bryan identifies entirely with those of us who wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing proper attention hasn’t been paid to the protection of his family or business.

Bryan’s communication style is tailored heavily towards educating in plain English. He fully believes that less “legalese” means more opportunity to genuinely connect with his clients. The most frequently seen result is the client’s full understanding of Bryan’s representation of them, and therefore optimal outcomes, with the A+ client experience to match. Bryan is a teacher of his craft by nature—during consultations, while instructing at local Adult Education classes, by hosting Q&A sessions with other professionals, and everywhere in between. He is more than willing to use technological platforms (e.g., Zoom) or to even conduct in-person meetings in the comfort of a client’s home or place of business, when the situation calls for it.

Before becoming the Managing Partner of Legacy Law Partners, PLLC, Bryan spent time as a partner at Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC (2019-2022) and Wiley Etter, LLC (2016-2019).

  • Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.), Tulane University Law School, 2012
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Finance, University of Connecticut, 2009
  • Admitted to the Bars of Connecticut (2014) and New York (2013)